Your child will be provided with transportation to and from Gettysburg Montessori Charter School according to the policies of the school district in which you live.


  • The Gettysburg Area School District will provide busing to Gettysburg Montessori Charter School according to the district’s busing policy.  In order to request transportation, you must submit the two forms below to the Gettysburg Area School District.
  • If you do not live in the Gettysburg Area School District, you should contact your local district’s transportation office to coordinate transportation. 

2024-2025 District Transportation Forms:
Gettysburg Area School District
GMCS Mt. Holly Springs
GMCS Fairfield Cashtown
Littlestown Area School District
Conewago Valley School District
Upper Adams School District
Bermudian Springs School District
South Western School District
​Hanover Area Public School District

Spring Grove Area School District

Bermudian Springs School District(717) 528-4113
Conewago Valley School District(717) 624-2157
Gettysburg Area School Distrcit(717) 334-6254
Hanover Public School District(717) 637-9000
​Littlestown School District​(717) 359-4146
South Western School District(717) 632-2500
Spring Grove School District(717) 225-4731
Upper Adams School District(717) 677-7191
Fairfield/Cashtown (Lincoln Bus Line)(717) 637-7104
Mt. Holly Bus (Lincoln Bus Line)(717) 637-7104