Weather Delays and Cancellation Information:
Please be aware of your home district transportation throughout the year.


  • If GMCS is on a delay and your home district is not…parents will have to provide transportation. YOUR DISTRICT BUS MAY PICK UP AT THE NORMAL TIME, BUT DO NOT PUT YOUR CHILD ON THE BUS, IF WE ARE ON A DELAY….NO ONE WILL BE AT THE SCHOOL!
  • If your home district is on a delay and GMCS is not, your home district will provide transportation at the delayed time. It will be excused.  You are welcome to transport your child at regular time.


  • If GMCS is dismissing early and your home district is not, parents will have to provide transportation. 
  • If your home district is dismissing early, they will provide transportation at dismissal time.

Please make sure you are in contact with your home district if your child is using their transportation.


  • You will receive a text message as well as an email if GMCS is closed.
  • If your home district is closed and GMCS is not, parents may have to provide transportation to school. Please use your best judgement, we want everyone to be safe.


  • Please check our website for weather delays at
  • Please do not call the school, during early dismissals with general questions.
  • Please wait an email for updates or check our website. 
  • For specific transportation changes, email your child’s teacher and the office. and

Bermudian Springs School District(717) 528-4113
Conewago Valley School District(717) 624-2157
Gettysburg Area School Distrcit(717) 334-6254
Hanover Public School District(717) 637-9000
​Littlestown School District​(717) 359-4146
South Western School District(717) 632-2500
Spring Grove School District(717) 225-4731
Upper Adams School District(717) 677-7191
Fairfield/Cashtown (Lincoln Bus Line)(717) 637-7104
Mt. Holly Bus (Lincoln Bus Line)(717) 637-7104